Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brooke Neal #9 Blacksticks

Brooke Neal

5 facts about Brooke:

1.Brooke and Shay Neal are from Whangarei
2.Brooke started to play hockey when she was three years old
3.Brooke's position is defender
4.Brooke and Shay are two years apart
5.Brooke is taller than Shay

The 3 Olympic values Brooke spoke about were:

My goals for my future are: to graduate from university

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Broken Cup

The Broken Cup

The colourful, spotted cup excited me every time I used it. Sticking my hand on the smooth surface of the handle I spun the floppy towel around the glossy cup. Suddenly...

Ssmmaasshh! My favourite cup scattered, broken. I dropped sadly onto my knees in the tight kitchen. Mutely, I sulked.
“Why did this need to happen?”
Slowly I lifted myself back onto my crying legs. Selina stood gasping... confused!
Dramatically I begged her!
“Please don’t say a word to anyone!”

Caring and trustworthy, Selina made a friendly promise. Relieved, I slowly made a happy smile visible.

Walking joyfully, I put the incident aside and I watched as Selina uncovered a cheeky smirk.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Favourite Cup

Swiftly emptying the damp cups I slowly walked towards the wooden cupboard.
Wobbling hands entered the dishwasher. I was squished tightly against the bench... it was one cramped kitchen.
Suddenly lots of pearls scattered along the slippery floor.
“Oh no,what have I done?” I exclaimed worriedly.
Dropping sadly to my knees I rapidly shovelled all the pearls into the dusty bin.
Standing quietly... mouth closed... I hoped my family wouldn’t find out!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Haircut

Impatiently waiting for the haircut to arrive.Fidgeting furiously I couldn’t wait anymore.

A eager smile was spreading across my face.Jumping happily onto the glossy leather chair.Sharp scissors sliced through my long hair. Chunks of chocolate coloured hair drifted slowly towards the wooden floor.Quietly sitting as still as a solid statue with different emotions flowing through my body.Clumps of chopped off hair covered the floor.My sister started questioning loudly,
“What will your straight hair become?”
Suddenly my hair folded into a lovely hairdo.The colourful blow dryer whooshed a heavy breeze.Vanishing clumps of hair transformed into a perfect hairdo!

Excitedly leaving the friendly hairdresser I started to mumble shyly,
“This is the perfect hairdo that suits me.”
Waving happily with astonishment for the outstanding haircut!